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  • Six-row, winter barley with an awnletted compact spike 
  • Outyielded Maury, Pennrad and Barsoy in southeastern Pennsylvania 
  • Winterhardiness, plant height, and bushel test weight are comparable to Maury 
  • Midseason maturity, two to three days earlier than Maury and Pennrad
  • More resistant to net blotch and leaf rust than Pennrad
  • Good resistance to powdery mildew
  • Works well for fodder barley


  • 3-4 days earlier maturing than Champ
  • Light to medium brown in color
  • 3-4" shorter than Champ
  • Very good lodging resistance
  • Well adapted to Midwest growing conditions.
  • Averaged over 5,200#/ac in 2014

  • 2-3 days earlier maturing than Champ
  • Medium brown chaff
  • 2-3" shorter than Champ
  • Better yielder and better standability than Sungold
  • Well adapted to Midwest growing conditions
  • Brown chaff at maturity


  • Winter spelt developed at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
  • An awnless, brown chaffed cultivar with approximately the same maturity and equivalent winter hardiness as common spelt
  • Slightly taller and has considerably improved straw strength compared to common spelt
  • Very good resistance to leaf rust
  • Moderately resistant to powdery mildew
  • Very resistant to wheat spindle streak mosaic virus


  • Has an extensive root system that is excellent at holding soil in place and preventing erosion 
  • Has a wider planting window than other cover crops which allows it to be planted later into the fall
  • The most winter-hardy of all cereal grains
  • One of the best cool season cover crops for outcompeting weeds and absorbing unused soil Nitrogen
  • Extensive deep roots help prevent compaction in annually tilled fields and an excellent source of residue in no-till and minimum-tillage systems



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