Seed Beans

  • Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® Soybeans

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    • 2.6 RM
    • Excellent stress tolerance
    • Works well in no-till
    • Excellent disease scores
    • Tall plant height with impressive podding
    • Rps 1C gene and SCN P188-788
    • Great defensive package


    • 2.9 RM
    • Offensive yield with tough, durable stress tolerance
    • Nice defensive package: Brown Stem Rot, Cyst Nematode and Phytophthora RPS 1a with good field tolerance
    • Medium-tall plant height
    • Dark green during the growing season and nice blonde color at harvest


    • 3.1 RM
    • Outstanding yield performance in Ohio trials
    • Taller Intermediate Bush type plant
    • Solid defensive bean, Rps 1K and very good phytophthora along with Cyst Nematode protection
    • Excellent emergence and early seedling vigor makes it a great no-till, minimum till choice

    Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Soybeans

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    All Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Soybean varieties feature the following:
    • Provide tolerance to dicamba and glyphosate
    • Are built on the high-yielding Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® trait


    • 2.9 RM
    • Well adapted to all row widths (7.5"-30") and excels in narrow rows
    • Medium tall plant with excellent lodging score
    • Has the complete package for phytophthora (Rps1c gene with excellent tolerance), Sudden Death and Brown Stem Rot
    • Very "showy", clean looking variety
    • Outstanding yields, hard to beat!


    • 3.0 RM
    • At the top of yield trials across country with super Eastern yields
    • Excellent upright intermediate branching plant type works well in all row widths
    • Very good field tolerance to phytophthora root rot with Rps 1C gene
    • Very reliable defensive disease package with Cyst Nematode resistance

    3119RR2X     New For 2019!

    • 3.1 RM
    • Medium-tall variety with excellent stress tolerance
    • Carries the Rps 1c gene for Phytophthora with very good tolerance
    • Very good standability with excellent intactness
    • Intermediate branching plant works well in 7.5”-20” row widths
    • Solid agronomics with very good disease ratings


    • 3.3 RM
    • Medium-tall plant height with super podding potential
    • Intermediate plant type with moderate side branching
    • Works well in 20" rows or less
    • Yield potential of 3.5+ RM beans in an earlier maturity
    • Rps 1C gene, outstanding field tolerance with cyst resistance

    LibertyLink® Soybeans


    • 2.6 RM
    • Incorporates high yields with solid defense
    • Medium-tall, bushy plant type with excellent standability
    • Terrific health which stands out all season
    • Consistent across the state
    • Works in all soil types
    • Rps 1C gene for phytophthora with good field tolerance


    • 3.0 RM
    • Outstanding yield potential
    • Excellent emergence and good early vigor
    • Medium-tall plant height that works well in all row widths
    • Very good disease package: White Mold, Sudden Death and Cyst Nematode
    • Rps 1c gene for phytophthora with good field tolerance

    LibertyLink® GT27 Soybeans


    • 3.1 RM
    • Medium-tall height
    • Light tawny/tan plant
    • Phytophthora Rps 1k gene with very good tolerance
    • Very good disease scores with Soybean Cyst Nematode resistance
    • Works in all soil types
    • Excellent early season vigor


    • 3.4 RM
    • Light tawny/brown plant
    • Medium-tall height with very good lodging score
    • Very good emergence, works, well in no-till, minimum-till situations
    • Very healthy plant that works in all soil types and environments.
    • Very good lodging score with strong SCN and Brown Stem Rot tolerance

    Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans

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    • 2.9 RM
    • Tall plant height with excellent standability
    • Works well in all row widths
    • Excellent tolerance to phytophthora root rot and contains Rps 1K gene
    • Very good emergence and stress tolerance with a good disease package


    • 3.1 RM
    • Tall plant type with excellent standability
    • Excellent tolerance to phytophthora root rot, contains Rps 1C
    • Excellent seedling vigor for minimum till and no-till situations
    • Works well in all row widths
    • Handles heavy wet conditions

    Public Non-GMO Certified Seed Beans

    WYANDOT 14

    • 2.9 RM
    • Seed size, protein and oil content greater than Wyandot
    • 2012 release of The Ohio State University
    • Resistant to soybean aphids (Rag 2 Gene) and powdery mildew.
    • Intermediate type plant
    • Very good yield potential with good yield record
    • Acceptable for the soy food market because of the lack of hilum pigments
    • Resistance to phytophthora with the Rps3a gene
    • White flowers, gray pubescence, brown pods and yellow (clear) hila
    • Superior or equal agronomic attributes to Wyandot


    • 3.0 RM
    • Released by The Ohio State University in 2008
    • Better yielder than Wyandot and Dennison
    • Excellent lodging resistance
    • Has white flowers, light tawny pubescence, and tan pods
    • Carries Rps 1c and Rps 3a phytophthora resistance
    • Highest mean yielder in OSU 2011-2012 performance trials for North Region