• Seed Spelt

    SABRE     Excellent Yield!!

    • 3-4 days earlier maturing than Champ
    • Light to medium brown in color
    • 3-4" shorter than Champ
    • Very good lodging resistance
    • Well adapted to Midwest growing conditions.
    • Averaged over 5,200#/ac in 2014

    SUNGOLD ULTRA MAX     Excellent Yield & Straw!!

    • 2-3 days earlier maturing than Champ
    • Medium brown chaff
    • 2-3" shorter than Champ
    • Better yielder and better standability than Sungold
    • Well adapted to Midwest growing conditions
    • Brown chaff at maturity

    CHAMP     Lots of Straw!!

    • Winter spelt developed at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
    • An awnless, brown chaffed cultivar with approximately the same maturity and equivalent winter hardiness as common spelt
    • Slightly taller and has considerably improved straw strength compared to common spelt
    • Very good resistance to leaf rust
    • Moderately resistant to powdery mildew
    • Very resistant to wheat spindle streak mosaic virus