Seed Wheat

  • Private Seed Wheat Varieties

    CHARGER     Excellent Straw!!

    • Super choice for top-end yield potential
    • Awnless medium-late season variety
    • Medium-tall height
    • Excellent tillering and good height allows planting in all row spacings including 15"
    • Fantastic eye appeal and excellent plant health makes this a complete package
    • 1 day later than Maverick XT

    DENALI     Head Scab Resistant!!

    • Medium maturity, outstanding yield & test weight
    • Carries Fhb1 gene for Type II head scab resistance and good disease ratings
    • Fhb1 gene significantly reduces spread of head scab
    • Nice height, deep color, bearded plant
    • Uniform big-sized heads
    • Very good tillering and many 2nd layer heads
    • Exceptional top end performance with management
    • Handles heavier soils and wet situations

    EMPIRE     Early Maturity!!

    • Outstanding yield potential
    • Beardless with excellent straw strength
    • Very healthy plant with a strong defensive package, excellent on rusts, powdery mildew and head scab
    • Excellent eye appeal and large head
    • Handles wet conditions extremely well
    • Excellent choice for double-cropping beans

    PATRIOT     Head Scab Resistant!!

    • Early-medium maturity - between Renegade and Denali
    • Carries Fhb1 gene for Type II scab resistance
    • Beardless variety with great uniform eye appeal
    • Super yielding
    • Very good test weight
    • Stripe Rust resistant

    RENEGADE     Head Scab Resistant!!

    • Early maturity with excellent standability
    • Carries Fhb1 gene for Type II scab resistance
    • Fhb1 gene significantly reduces spread of head scab
    • Very attractive non-bearded plant
    • Very good disease ratings
    • Excellent test weight
    • Short statured
    • Very healthy plant with a dark green flag leaf
    • Great choice for double crop


    • Consistent super yielder in Wensink Plots
    • Outstanding disease package
    • Early season variety allows double cropping soybeans
    • Awned, white chaffed variety with medium height
    • Excellent winter hardiness and test weight

    Public Seed Wheat Varieties


    • Medium maturity, earlier than Sunburst
    • High yielding with good test weight
    • Excellent disease resistance package
    • Medium plant height with good straw strength
    • Awnless tan chaffed variety
    • Excellent resistance to Fusarium Head Blight & Powdery Mildew
    • Moderate resistance to Septoria & Stagnonospora Leaf Blotch


    • Consistent high yielder in our plots
    • Mid-season beardless variety
    • High test weight
    • Good disease resistance
    • Yellow straw with medium plant height and excellent straw strength


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